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Performance Based Incentive to the Employees of the profit making SLPEs of Assam

  1. Notification No. PE. 138/2011/43 dated 20-1-2012 on Performance Based Incentive to the Employees

Revision of Pay Scales of State Public Sector Undertakings, 2010

  1. Notification No. PE. 66/2010/94 dated 22-2-2011 on pay revision of SLPEs under Category A
  2. Notification No. PE. 66/ 2010/153 dated 6-6-2011 on pay revision of SLPEs under Category A
  3. Notification No. PE. 66/ 2010/154 dated 7-6-2011 on pay revision of SLPEs under Category B
  4. Notification No. PE. 66/ 2010/155 dated 7-6-2011 on pay revision of SLPEs under Category C
  5. Notification No. PE. 66/ 2010/156 dated 7-6-2011 on pay revision of SLPEs under Category D
  6. Annexure-I : Pay Structures approved by Government of Assam for the SLPES of Assam

Bid Documents for Sale of Property

  1. Assam Agro Industries Development Corporation Ltd.
  2. Assam Govt. Construction Corporation Ltd.
  3. Assam Conductors & Tubes Ltd.
  4. Fertichem Ltd.
  5. Industrial Paper Assam Ltd.
  6. Assam Minor Irrigation Development Corporation Ltd.

  1. Closure notification of Assam Syntex Ltd.
  2. Raising of retirement age of employees of Public Sector Enterprises of Assam.
  3. Notification on 50% DA Conversion
  4. Closure notification of Assam State Textile Corporation Ltd.
  5. Closure notification of Cachar Sugar Mills Ltd.
  6. Tender notification of Assam Mineral Development Corporation.
  7. Information Handbook under Right to Information Act 2005
  8. Notification No. PE.111/2004/422 Dated 11-12-2006
  9. Borrowing from Government Agencies
  10. One Time Settlement
  11. Purchase of Vehicle
  12. Introduction of MoU system in SLPEs (Word Doc)
    1. Signed MoU of Assam Electronics Development Corporation Ltd. (Word Doc)
    2. Signed MoU of Assam Livestock & Poultry Corporation Ltd. (Word Doc)
    3. Signed MoU of Assam Petrochemicals Ltd. (Word Doc)
    4. Signed MoU of Assam Tourism Development Corporation. (Word Doc)
    5. Signed MoU of Assam Gas Compant Ltd. (Word Doc)
    6. Signed MoU of Assam State Film (Finance & Development) Corpn Ltd. (Word Doc)
    7. Signed MoU of Assam Co-operative Jute Mills Ltd. (Word Doc)
    8. Signed MoU of Assam Fisheries Dev. Corporation Ltd. (Word Doc)
  13. Constitution of PIB etc.
  14. Guidelines for preparation of Project Report
  15. Appointment of Chairperson, Director
  16. Role of Chairperson etc.
  17. Entitlement to part time Chairperson etc.
  18. Re-employment of retired person
  19. Pay Revision
  20. Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS)
  21. Social Safety Net Program
  22. Discipilinary Rules
  23. Citizen's Charter
  24. Constitution of PSEB etc.
  25. Meeting of the Board of Directors etc.
  26. Companies (Ammendment) Act 2000
  27. Rationalization of Human Resource
  28. Annual Report to Assembly
  29. C&AG guidelines on finalization of Accounts
  30. Disposal of assets of Closed PSUs

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