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Guidelines on Citizens' Charter

Govt. Of Assam

Department of Public Enterprises

No. PE (D) 6/2001/21 Dated Dispur the 19 January 2002

From : Sri P. K. Chowdhary IAS

Commissioner & Secretary

To : The Chairman : Chairman Cum Managing Director : Managing Director :

Executive Director : Chief Executive Officer : Commissioner

__________________. (All SLPEs)




I am directed to inform you that in order to make the public aware of their entitlement with transparency under the Citizens' Empowerment programme, the State Govt. has decided that the State Level Public Enterprises (SLPEs) with direct or indirect public dealings should formulate Citizens' / Clients' charter and set up Information & Facilitation counters (IFCs). You are therefore advised to formulate the charter in respect of your organization and make it public through display boards and other media. You are also requested to set-up IFCs for the benefit of the clients.


  • The charter should be simple & understandable by all concerned

  • The charter should specify goods & services offered by the organization

  • The entitlement of the clients (Services & Goods which can be availed) should be

clearly mentioned

  • Procedures / Costs involved, if any should be indicated against each entitlement

  • The contact person for availing the goods / services should be stated with name designation & his / her location and contact number

  • Time limits within which the client's application will be disposed should get stated against each entitlement

  • The hierarchical grievance redress system should be available in the charter

  • Type of co-operation expected from the citizens' / clients should be enquired


  • The IFCs, manned with experienced persons should be in a position to make detailed information on the points of the charter to the clients

  • Forms etc. required should be available in the IFCs

This Department should be apprised of the actions taken, with a copy of the charter formulate

Yours faithfully

Sd/- (P. K. Chowdhary)

Commissioner & Secretary

Department of Public Enterprises

Memo No. PE (D) 6/2001/21-A Dated Dispur the 19 January 2002

Copy to :

  1. The Chief Secretary, Assam : Dispur for favor of information

  1. The Principal Secretary / Commissioner & Secretary / Secretary to the Govt. of Assam ________. Department (All Administrative Departments of SLPEs) DISPUR / CHANDMARI, Guwahati 3

  2. The Commissioner & Secretary to the Chief Minister, Assam : Dispur

  3. The Secretary to the Govt. of Assam, AR & T Department Dispur with reference to his No. AR.9/2001/Pt.I/97 Dated 26.09.2001

By order etc.

Sd/- (P. K. Chowdhary)

Commissioner & Secretary

Department of Public Enterprises

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