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Guideline on Discipinary Rules

NO,PE(D)10/2000/17 Dated Dispur the 19 March 2001

The Commissioner & Secretary to the Govt .of Assam

Power/Fisheries/T&CP/Co-operation/MAD/Tourism/ Industries/ Agriculture/ H T & S/ Education/ Mines & Mineral/ WPT & BC/ Hill Areas/ Finance/ Cultural Affairs/ AH& Veterinary / Home / Public Works Departments. Dispur.

The Secretary to the Govt. of Assam

Transport/ Minority Welfare/ Soil Conservation Departments.


The Secretary to the Govt. of Assam

Irrigation Department.

Chandmari: Guwahati 781003


The Department of Personnel of the State Govt. advised that a separate set of conduct Rules for the officers and employees of the State Govt. Undertakings should be formulated in line with the Assam Civil Service (Conduct) Rules 1965, as these Rules do not cover employees of the Corporations/Undertakings etc.

The PE Department felt that the SLPEs being autonomous bodies, to function under their respective Board of Directors appointed by the Govt., they should be guided by their own set of rules, which may however be in line with the State Govt. Rules. In a brief survey, it was also found that some of the SLPES have either their own Rules or they follow Govt. rules, if they do not have their own Rules. Since imposition of uniform Conduct Rules for the employees of the SLPEs by the Govt. was not considered appropriate, it was suggested to the Personnel Department that the Enterprises could frame their own set of Rules, if they have none, in the line of the State Govt. disciplinary & Conduct Rules.

The Personnel Department has agreed to the suggestion. You may therefore issue directives to the SLPE(s) under your control, to frame own set of Rules, if there is none, in the line of the State Govt. disciplinary & Conduct Rules, as amended up to date. Copies of the said Govt. Rules and subsequent amendments may be obtained by the Enterprises from the Personnel (B) Department, if necessary.

Sd/-(Alok Perti)

Commissioner & Secretary to the Govt.of Assam

Department of Public Enterprises

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