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Guideline on Rationalization of Human Resource


No. PE 21/2000/(Pt-I)/45 Dated Dispur the 13th May 2003


The Govt. of Assam initiated concerted efforts for improving the performance of State Level Public Enterprises (SLPEs) for which it has made a huge investment as a provider of loans and as a guarantor against institutional loans. During the review of SLPEs, one of the prime reasons for unsatisfactory performance has been identified as the surplus manpower employed in them. This has happened due to unplanned intake of human resources with long term commitments, without adequate consideration of long term business plans. A focus is being given to ensure that SLPEs start functioning in an economically viable manner through necessary restructuring. This would necessitate not only identification of surplus manpower, but also identify areas where fresh recruitments / redeployment are required in the process of restructuring and making the SLPEs economically viable. In furtherance of this, it is decided to set up an Empowered Committee of State Level Public Enterprises (EC for SLPEs) with the following members:

  1. Chief Secretary /Addl. Chief Secretary - Chairperson.
  2. Commissioner & Secretary, Finance Department - Member
  3. Commissioner & Secretary, P&D Department - Member
  4. Commissioner & Secy., PE Department - Member Secretary

The EC for SLPEs will examine the following issue and make recommendations into the matter of rational utilization and fresh recruitments of human resources in SLPEs:

  1. It will assess actual requirement of staff in a time phase, based on work load in the units /offices of the SLPEs, keeping in view the possibilities of restructuring for improving productivity and efficiency, thereby making the SLPEs economically viable.

  2. It will identify the exact staff / personnel required to be given VRS or taken on fresh recruitment in a time phase

  3. It will identify which posts can be filled up by rationalization of existing staff and if necessary by redeployment of existing staff between different State Level Public Enterprises

  4. It will recommend fresh recruitment in those posts, which cannot be kept vacant and where redeployment cannot be made.

The EC for SLPEs will complete its work within a period of four months from the constitution of the Committee

All future recruitments in SLPEs henceforth will be done only on the basis of the recommendations of the EC for SLPEs. For this purpose, the concerned SLPEs will move their administrative departments giving required justifications. The administrative departments will seek the approval of Finance Department, which will examine the proposals and shall take the recommendation of EC for SLPEs into consideration. In the interim period, pending recommendations of EC for SLPEs, the Finance Department may consider for approval only such posts, which are required on an emergent basis.

The recommendations of the EC for SLPEs in respect of surplus manpower will be taken into consideration by the concerned administrative departments for taking up required measures for voluntary retirement.

Once the recommendations of EC for SLPEs have been given for creation of posts and posts created thereby, the respective administrative departments will be competent to give their approval for filling up of the posts depending on the needs of SLPEs and availability of budgetary provisions. This approval however, would not extend to those posts that are required to be considered by the Public Enterprises Selection Board i.e. posts of Executive Chairman, Managing Director, Functional Directors and General Managers as indicated in OM No. PE.42/88/51 dated 6.9.89

The administrative departments of SLPEs will issue necessary directives to the SLPEs under their control, based on these guidelines for strict compliance

This issues with the concurrence of the Department of Finance given vide U.O. No.FEC(II)947/2002 dated 9.10.2002 and views of Personnel (B) department given vide UO.No. 1427/01 dated 28.8.2001

Sd /- P.K. Chowdhary
Commissioner & Secretary
Department of Public Enterprises.

Memo No. PE 21/2000/Pt/ 45 -A Dated Dispur the 13th May 2003

Copy to:

  1. The Staff Officer to the Chief Secretary, Assam, Dispur for favor of information of the Chief Secretary

  2. The Additional Chief Secretary, Assam Dispur for favor of information

  3. The Principal Secretary / Commissioner & Secretary / Secretary to the Govt. of Assam ............................................ (All Administrative Departments of SLPEs) DISPUR / Chandmari, GUWAHATI 781 003 for issue of directives .

  4. The Commissioner & Secretary to the Govt. of Assam P & D / Finance Departments DISPUR for information

By Order etc.

Sd /-P. K. Chowdhary
Commissioner & Secretary
Department of Public Enterprises

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