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Social Safety Net Program




Dated Dispur the 28th November 2005

No. PE.133/2004/85: With a view to implement the non-financial component of the Social Safety Net (SSN) Program under Assam Governance Public Resource Management Program (AGMPRP) cluster loan from Asian Development Bank for the employees of the State Public Sector Undertakings (SPSUs) availing Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) the following is herewith notified for general information:

  1. Financial counseling, which includes counseling on options for investing money (choices and risks) obtained in the voluntary retirement package, advice on making prudent investment decisions, advice on investment in self-employment etc., the Department of Public Enterprises (DPE) shall avail professional services of experts of Gauhati Stock Exchange, Leading Financial Institutions, Banks etc. for which a panel will be prepared and need based counseling sessions will be organized.
  2. Career counseling, which is to be provided to enable the employees opting VRS understand the possible opportunities for possible second career and are able to determine the course of actions toward a selected line of career based on his/her needs and skills in a better way, the DPE shall organize need based counseling sessions by availing professional services from Government Institutions.
  3. Trauma counseling, which to be provided to enable such employees to use coping mechanisms for dealing conflict and other socio-psychological issues in the post VRS period; develop a sense of self-confidence for taking decisions on a suitable second career, the DPE shall avail services of psychiatrists & psychologists available in the Health & Education Departments of Government of Assam, including the Medical Colleges, Universities etc.
  4. Retraining & Re-skilling, which include curriculum development, training, seminars, workshops and other similar activities for the employees availing VRS who are in the need of training/re-skilling, the DPE shall arrange programs through the 28 Industrial Training Institutes allover the State under the Labour & Employment Department of Government of Assam providing courses in different trades ranging from 6 – 24 months with different entry qualifications. In cases so required, necessary exemptions to relax age limit & entry qualification norms will be made. Trade Unions will be involved in the training programs.
  5. Placement Assistance, which include establishing placement service networks to co-ordinate the placement for employees availing VRS, the DPE shall guide interested employees of SPSUs availing VRS to register themselves in the Employment Exchanges under the Labour & Employment Department of Government of Assam for placement in private sector undertakings.
  6. Business incubation, which include identification of a network with business incubation centres, technical institutes, funding institutions etc. to provide incubation services for employees availing VRS interested in using these facilities to start their own enterprises, the DPE will arrange the services through the Directorate of Industries & Assam Industrial Development Corporation Ltd.

The Administrative Departments of SPSUs concerned will pursue SSN program in SPSUs that are likely candidates for closure & restructuring. While the Board of Directors of individual SSUs will have overriding responsibilities for implementation of SSN program, an officer of the SPSU concerned will be responsible for implementation of the SSN program, who may appoint internal Committee/structure to help in implementation of the responsibility.

The SSN, Business Incubation, Skills Development & Placement Units in the DPE will be headed by the Joint Secretary, DPE with assistance of Management Officer (Management), DPE. The Joint Secretary, DPE shall submit reports on SPSU employment training and outsourcing services for SPSUs.

A SSN Consultative working Group, consisting of representative of Labour & Employment Department of Government of Assam, SPSU management, State Government and other civil society representative will be constituted with Joint Secretary, DPE as Member Secretary for implementing the communication component of the overall SSN program.

Sd/- H.M.Cairae
Principal Secretary to the Govt. of Assam
Department of Public Enterprises

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