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Different Reviews

  1. The Department of Public Enterprises took stock of the performance of all the 49 State Level Public Enterprises under the administrative control of 22 departments during July - August of 2001. The enterprises were categorized status-wise into (a) In-operative (b) In severe financial crisis (c) In operation, but losing (d) Improving and (e) Performing reasonably well. Enterprise-wise recommendations were worked-out which included revival, merger or transfer, disinvestments, winding-up etc. The major problems faced by the State Level Public Enterprises, leading to overall poor performance were also identified.

  2. The issues for consideration and the findings & recommendations of the Department of Public Enterprises were placed for deliberations in a meeting held on 20-08-2002 in which the Ministers, State Executives of the concerned & nodal departments; Chairpersons & Chief Executives of the State Level Public Enterprises; Leading citizens, which included Economists, Educationists, Media personnel etc. and representatives of different trade unions participated. A series of recommendations on the common issues and recommendations for each of the enterprises were made, for implementation of the same by the respective departments.

  3. The progresses of implementation of the recommendations of the meeting held on 20-08-2002 were reviewed on 04-09-2003.

  4. The Committee on Fiscal Reforms, appointed by the Govt. of Assam to study the fiscal scenario of the State and the structural imbalance afflicting the State's finances made enterprise-wise recommendations in regards to 45 out of 49 State Level Public Enterprises also, amongst others, in December 2001. These recommendations included disinvestments, winding-up, revival, merger etc.

  5. The Comptroller & Auditor General of India appointed Indian Institute of Cost & Management Studies and Research (INDSEARCH), Pune to study the State Level Public Enterprises of Assam. The Accountant General (Audit) Assam submitted the study report to the State Govt. in April 2000, which recommended priority closure, closure, improvement etc. for 33 State Level Public Enterprises.

  6. A three member Committee for Public Sector enterprises was constituted on 17 April 2002 to examine the feasibility of reviving the public enterprises under the management of the employees without any burden on the Govt. The Committee has submitted its report on 17-07-2003.

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