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List of Public Sector Enterprises

Sl.#AbbreviationName of EnterprisesDate of IncorporationAdministrative DepartmentRegistered as
Service Sector
1 ASEB Assam State Electricity Board 20.01.1975 Power Statutory Board
2 ASTC Assam State Transport Corporation 31.03.1970 Transport Statutory Board
3 AUWS & SB Assam Urban Water Supply & Sewerage Board 09.01.1987 Urban Development Statutory Board

Trade Sector

4 AGMC Assam Government Marketing Corporation Ltd. 16.12.1959 Handloom, Textile & Sericulture Private Company
5 ASWC Assam State Ware- housing Corporation 12.08.1958 Co-operation Statutory Corporation
6 AGCL Assam Gas Company Ltd. 31.03.1962 Industries & Commerce Private Company

Welfare Sector

7 APTDC Assam Plains Tribes Development Corporation Ltd. 29.03.1975 Welfare of Plain Tribes & Other Backward Classes Private Company
8 ASDC for OBC Assam State Development Corporation for Other Backward Classes Ltd. 06.08.1975 Welfare of Plain Tribes & Other Backward Classes Private Company
9 ASDC for SC Assam State Development Corporation for Scheduled Castes Ltd. 18.06.1975 Welfare of Plain Tribes & Other Backward Classes Private Company
10 AMDFCL Assam Minorities Development & Finance Corporation Ltd. 27.02.1997 Welfare of Minorities & Development Private Company

Promotional Sector

11 AIDC Assam Industrial Development Corporation Ltd. 21.04.1965 Industries Private Company
12 ASIDC Assam Small Industries Development Corporation Ltd. 27.03.1962 Industries Private Company
13 AHSIDC Assam Hills Small Industries Development Corporation Ltd. 30.03.1968 Hill Areas Private Company
14 AFC Assam Financial Corporation 19.04.1954 Finance Statutory Corporation
15 AF (FD) CL Assam State Film (Finance & Development) Corporation Ltd. 0409.1974 Cultural Affairs Public Company
16 ATDC Assam Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. 09.06.1988 Tourism Private Company
17 AAIDC Assam Agro Industries Development Corporation Ltd. 27.01.1967 Agriculture Private Company


18 ASC Assam Seeds Corporation Ltd. 01.04.1967 Agriculture Private Company
19 ASMIDC Assam State Minor Irrigation Development Corporation Ltd. 15.10.1980 Irrigation Private Company


20 ALPCO Assam Livestock & Poultry Development Corporation Ltd. 06.02.1984 Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Private Company
21 AFDC Assam Fisheries Development Corporation Ltd. 01.03.1977 Fisheries Private Company
22 AEDC Assam Electronics Development Corporation Ltd. 04.04.1984 Information & Technology Private Company

Production Sector

23 ATC Assam Tea Corporation Ltd. 09.02.1972 Industries Public Company
24 CSM Cachar Sugar Mills Ltd. 27.06.1972 Industries Public Company
25 ASSM Assam Spun Silk Mills Ltd. 31.03.1960 Industries Private Company(*)
26 ASL Assam Syntex Ltd. 29.10.1982 Industries & Commerce Private Company
27 ASTCL Assam State Textile Corporation Ltd. 26.02.1980 Industries & Commerce Private Company
28 ASWMCL Assam State Weaving & Manufacturing Company Ltd. 28.11.1988 Industries & Commerce Private Company


29 APDCL Assam Power Loom Development Corporation Ltd. 05.03.1990 Industries Private Company


30 APM Ashok Paper Mill (Assam) Ltd. 07.01.1991 Industries & Commerce Private Company
31 APCL Assam Petrochemicals Ltd. 22.04.1971 Industries & Commerce Private Company
32 ASFC Assam State Fertilizer & Chemicals Ltd 30.03.1988 Industries & Commerce Private Company
33 FERTICHEM Fertichem Ltd. 29.03.1974 Industries & Commerce Private Company (*)
34 ASCON Assam Conductors & Tubes Ltd. 22.06.1964 Industries & Commerce Private Company (*)
35 APCDC Assam Plantation Crop Development Corporation Ltd. 01.11.1974 Soil Conservation Private Company
36 ASTBPPCL Assam State Textbook Production & Publication Corporation Ltd. 30.03.1972 Education (Elementary) Private Company
37 AMDC Assam Mineral Development Corporation Ltd. 19.05.1983 Mines & Minerals Private Company

Construction Sector

38 AGCC Assam, Government Construction Corporation Ltd. 24.03.1964 Public Works Private Company


39 APHC Assam Police Housing Corporation Ltd. 05.11.1980 Home Private Company
40 ASHB Assam State Housing Board 01.08.1974 Urban Development Statutory Board

Cooperative Sector

41 STATFED Assam State Co-operative Marketing & Consumers' Federation Ltd. 23.01.1957 Co-operation Co-operative Society


42 ARTFED Assam Apex Weavers' & Artisans' Co-operative Society Ltd. 27.07.1977 Handloom, Textile & Sericulture Co-operative Society
43 NCSM Nagaon Co-Operative Sugar Mills Ltd. 01.09.1975 Co-operation Co-operative Society
44 ACSgM Assam Co-Operative Sugar Mills Ltd. 17.01.1955 Co-operation Co-operative Society
45 ACSpM Assam Co-Operative Spinning Mills Ltd. 22.03.1979 Co-operation Co-operative Society
46 SKKSS Swahid Kushal Konwar Samabay Sutakol Ltd 22.03.1979 Co-operation Co-operative Society
47 APOL Assam Polyester Co-Operative Society Ltd. 14.09.1981 Co-operation Co-operative Society
48 ACJM Assam Co-Operative Jute Mills Ltd. 23.10.1959 Co-operation Co-operative Society
(*) : DECIDED TO BE CLOSED (As on 31-08-2006)

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